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We had planned to finish the last of the Anthology recordings over a year ago. But due to

several setbacks including Amy's cancer diagnosis in October 2015 we have had to postpone the recording for several months. Prayerfully we expect to be finished in December 2017.

Thank you to all who have stood with us.


Amy and Gary wrote a new song that will appear on her new CD. The song was written for film and TV and is a fun song that reflects Amy's personality even through difficult times. Go to our store for the details.


The last Anthology recording will also be ready and available by the end of August. The series of 4 recordings with over 55 songs, will be available in a box set.

We expect to have the companion

anthology book soon after the release.


After a measured tour schedule over the last 2 years Amy will be heading into 2018 with a new recording and a full schedule planned. The God of All Hope Tour will begin in Marquette, MI on September 10th where Amy now lives with her husband Gary and their daughter Elise. The appearances are planned for North America and Europe




The events in Syria have caused an awakening in the common westen man and woman concerning the persecution of Christians. We were raised to think that Christian persecution was the first century church claiming Jesus Christ is God in the face of the atrocities committed by Rome. However, this was just the beginning of 2 millenia of increased cleansing of the church through persecution. In general, the West is insulated from the horrors of the acts of violence toward believers. Now that is changing due to the fame of ISIS who have killed thousands of Christians. We are finally waking up to the words of Jesus


..."A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecute me, they will also persecute you... John 15:20




Amy is sitting with Sid and Suzy Webb, of The Voice of the Martyrs, listening to Sarah Liu tell of her experiences in China when she was imprisoned and tortured because she distributed Christian materials.



2017 Christmas Schedule


  • Dec 3 Iron Mountain, MI
  • Dec 10 Gladwin, MI
  • Dec 17 Stockton, CA
  • Dec 17 Atwater, CA
  • Dec 24 Anaheim, CA
  • Dec 24 Hemet, CA
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